Second Annual Conference

12 December 2012
Elewijt Center, Elewijt, Belgium

Participants to the Second Annual Conference were welcomed at the Elewijt Center, for an intense day dedicated to Skills, Training, Education and Employment in the Textile, Clothing and Leather sector.

Before the large audience — with the participation of the European Commission — the Social Partners and fellow ESC members national ISPs, presented the results of their efforts in the previous year: sector analysis, good practices, innovative tools and strategies. This work was the basis for detailed Recommendations to Sector stakeholders, which were illustrated during the presentation of the 2012 Annual report.

The Conference was also an opportunity to present the networking & involvement and communication & awareness-raising activities of the Skills Council, which resulted in workshops, a new Observatory being established and the creation of a structured web portal, among other achievements.

The presentations of the day are available hereafter:

  • Presentation of results of 1st year of activities
  • Federico Brugnoli — External expert

  • European Skills Panorama
  • European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs

  • First year of activities of an ISP created thanks to the ESC - TCL
  • Silvia Pedrana — Osservatorio Nazionale Concia (Italy)

  • Presentation of Report #1
  • The evolution of the supply, employment and skills needs including foresight and forecast analyses for the sector.
    Rob Senden — IVOC/IREC and Michel Annaert — COBOT (Belgium)

  • Presentation of Report #2
  • Good pratices bringing the worlds of education and work closer and reducing the persistent skills mismatch at sectoral level, as well as on the mechanisms existing at national or regional level between anticipation bodies and education and training providers.
    Annie Warburton and Stephen Grey — Creative Skillset (United Kingdom)

  • Presentation of Report #3
  • Innovative tools, national and/or regional strategies, local initiatives, methods put in place for peer-learning purposes.
    Charlotte Lefebvre and Sarah Timoney — OPCALIA (France)

  • Presentation of Report #4
  • Recommendation of the European Skills Council TCL (Final Draft).
    Luc Triangle — industriAll, Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano — COTANCE and Francesco Marchi — Euratex
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