Knowledge-sharing initiative for Leather

Leather chemicals manufacturer Stahl has launched a new knowledge and training initiaitve called the Stahl Campus, which, the company says, will aim to “develop expertise throughout the leather production chain in order to improve sustainability in the industry”.

Open to tanners and to buyers of leather in automotive, fashion or furniture brands, the Stahl Campus will offer insight into the leather production chain, including sustainable practices and cooperation in the chain.

On announcing the initiative, Stahl’s director of sustainability, Mike Tomkin, said: “There is a demand for information and expert knowledge across the whole industry. Stahl possesses that expertise and we are happy to share it.” He pointed out that the company believes sharing its knowledge will help it strengthen relationships with tanners and with other players in the leather value chain.

The campus will work through training courses that can take place at Stahl locations around the world or at client premises.

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