The European Skills Council - Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear (ESC TCLF) delivers concrete results:

Past Activities

The ESC TCL – now TCLF – has been active since 2011. Its activities have focussed on different aspects:

Development of Sectoral Knowledge

One of the key priorities for the ESC TCL has been the development and dissemination of sectoral knowledge, monitoring the constant changes of labour market and training needs. A series of surveys and analysis on education- and training-related themes has been therefore carried out, resulting in three analytical reports:

  1. The evolution of Employment and Skills Needs
  2. The evolution of good practises and the consequent reduction of skills mismatch
  3. innovative tools in employment and training policies in TCL industry

A fourth report, based on the above analysis, details seven recommendations directed at institutional, social and industry stakeholders at both European and national levels. Reports are available for download in the Reports section.

Involvement and Awareness

Since the setting up of the TCL Skill Council, members have invested in strengthening joint activities, widening the existing network and deepening the involvement of new stakeholders. Tool deployed to pursue these objectives have been:

The material can be found in the Media section


Other joint awareness-raising activities target directly the wider public: for instance, in 2014, the ESC TCLF has supported the translation from Dutch to French of the Belgian Edugame aimed at youth and dedicated to textile, which is now available online:

Annual Conferences

At the end of each year of activity, an Annual Conference has been organised, gathering European Commission representatives, the Social Partners, the Industry Skills Partnerships, sectoral stakeholders and the press.

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