In the beginning of 2008, ETUF:TCL (now industriAll) and EURATEX submitted a joint project to locate and map existing national and regional Textile and Clothing (TC) observatories, identify best practices, disseminate them in the new Member States and candidate countries, and prepare the interconnection of these organisations.

A second project led to a study prior to the implementation of such a European network, in order to analyse the optimal means (particularly with reference to information and communication technologies) to bolster the gathering and use of the information related to 8 countries made available. It was also geared to disseminating good practices in other countries, in particular new member states / candidate countries and their SMEs.

A third project, submitted jointly with COTANCE (Leather/Tanning) and the CEC (Footwear) made it possible to proceed, as of mid-December 2010 to locate observatories/actors in training and employment for the aforementioned subsectors.

Finally, a project has been put in place by ETUF:TCL, EURATEX and COTANCE with the definite objective of creating an active TCL “Sector Council” at European level. This project also led to the creation of the present web portal.

Since then, CEC has formally joined the Skills Council, which is currently covering the Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear sectors.

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